Always connected

The Luvly O communicates fluently in 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Luvly app

The Luvly O speaks with your smartphone. It comes with an app that gives you full control of your LUV. The apps is simple and easy to use, just how you like it.

Luvly interior with connected smartphone

The Luvly O lets you play your favourite tunes directly from your smartphone. No annoying menus or confusing interfaces. Just like a pair of good headphones the Luvly O will just connect and let you do your thing.

Person using the Luvly app

The Luvly O is always operating with the latest software. Updates are handled Over-The-Air with your blessing. This way, the Luvly O will not become outdated and grow old, but continue to learn, improve and stay in tune with the world.