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We take safety seriously. That's why we've created a technical solution that's light on weight but heavy on protection. We call it "slow formula racing tech," and it's the key to giving our Luvly O best-in-class safety.

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Luvly O showing slow formula racing tech


Luvly O is a lightweight vehicle designed with sustainability at the core. It's electric and recyclable. Greener than any car. And it looks good too.

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Driving a Luvly O is a civic service. Luvly O is kind to pedestrians, animals, and everyone else. Taking care of you, the urban environment and everyone in it.

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Luvly is all about simplicity. 
The construction is simple. The distribution and production is simple. It's simple to buy, to drive, to charge, to park, to own.
Simple as that.

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The Luvly O


Luvly O is always connected, always updated. Luvly O and your personal device work together in harmony. 

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How affordable are Luvly vehicles?

The Luvly O is significantly cheaper than traditional car options. Luvly wants to make ethical and sustainable personal transport possible for everyone.

How are Luvly vehicles manufactured?

Luvly’s patented flatpack innovations greatly reduce the ecological impact of manufacture, transport, and assembly. Virtually all Luvly vehicle parts are recyclable and most can be made from renewable materials.

What makes Luvly vehicles safe?

Luvly vehicles are built like formula racing cars, with energy absorbers and a sandwich composite safety shell protecting the passengers. This technology offers by far the best passive safety compared with any comparable vehicle. Luvly vehicles contribute to safer urban traffic, as alternatives to multi-tonne cars.

Is a Luvly vehicle more environmentally friendly than a conventional electric car?

Compared to conventional electric cars, a Luvly vehicle saves up to 80% energy during production as well as in operation of the vehicle.

How can I see Luvly vehicles first-hand?

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Where are you based?

Luvly is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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