We are excited at the opportunity to offer you partnership in our venture! We would like to describe our vision, our agenda, our results and who we are.                                                              
Our goal is no less than to revolutionise the way vehicles are made and used. LUVLY turns traditional car manufacturing outside in, and produces vehicles from the inside out.                  
We make Formula 1 cars for low speeds, achieving unprecedented performance at the lowest cost possible.                                                
Håkan Lutz 
Founder and CEO








Our business is simple. 


We provide the lightest, safest, cheapest and most stylish e-mobility solutions possible.           


We are patenting a unique platform for Light Urban Vehicles, LUV’s, which we strongly believe will change the world of e-mobility!                      


We see a vast demand for our products and our market is only getting hotter.                                


We need partners, investors and suppliers who can help us reach our goals.                                      







Håkan Lutz, Founder and CEO
Håkan holds a M.Sc. in International Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is a serial entrepreneur and business developer by trade, and engineer at heart.                                  
Lutz is the one coming up with the concepts, and the man behind Luvly’s patent pending LUV-chassis. He has been developing business in a whole lot of industries and parts of the world.



Björn Lindblom, Co-founder and Chairman
Björn is a serial entrepreneur with a strong managerial track record. He previously held the position as CEO of Connode where he closed one of the largest IoT deals in history. He has also served as Chairman and board member in a number of technology companies, and has exit experience from a number of IT/Telecom and IoT companies.



David Egertz, a composite tech engineer, is of course the brains making the composite technology work to our favor. In addition to this, he is a skilled designer, and he has an impressive analytical mind. David did his master thesis on crash safety in light urban vehicles and was later the head engineer in Vehiconomics AB. Has worked many years developing light weight composite structures in the aerospace industry.                                                            




efficient and safe at low cost 

The LUVLY concept starts with LUV, short for Light Urban Vehicles. It’s good for the planet.      

The LUVLY is lightweight. This means that it is extremely energy efficient.                                     

We build the LUVLY the same way F1 cars are built – at unparalleled cost. F1 cars are built with composite technology, just like the LUVLY.           

This means the highest rate of safety for drivers and passengers.                                                      

The LUVLY platform allows us to deliver really nice vehicles at very low cost.                                

The LUVLY concept is efficient in every step, from making of the parts, distribution, sales and delivery, the full product life and the afterlife – most components can be used over and over again. 

Thanks to this efficiency, LUVLY can deliver quality products with excellent safety and a baby sized ecological footprint.                                       




One platform - innumerable shapes
Fully modular platform with standardized interfaces allows for rapid and cost effective product development for different local markets with different needs.                                                
Time from idea to ”ready to sell” comparable to furniture rather than a car.                                     
Luvly platform


The LUVLY platform is built on standard, off the shelf, bulk components to the highest possible degree. 
This gives maximum freedom to source efficiently in every situation.                                                                     
The chassis combines the extreme strength, stiffness and light weight that sandwich composites offer with the most rational production and assembly method, thus minimizing cost.                                                          
Instead of allowing the chassis to be destroyed in the unfortunate event of an accident, we protect the passengers, and the chassis, with impact structures that have only that purpose.                                              
Finally, we dress the whole thing up in a magnificently impact resistant, very thin thermoplastic shell, providing weather proofing and style!                             
Our platform also has many more advantages regarding shipping, manufacturing, maintenance and other factors. LEGO / IKEA style.                                         


What’s really unique?
Our solution is patent pending in 152 PCT states globally, including the EU, USA, India and China. 
The pending patent comprises, in layman's terms, LEGO / IKEA style manufacturing and assembly.









We are looking for:
Partners, who share our vision for e-mobility. 
Customers who want to join the mobile revolution. 
Investors who understand the great global potential in our concept and who want to join the ride.