The future is LUV

Safe, sustainable Light Urban Vehicles are the future of urban transportation.


Game-changing technology

With lightweight vehicles produced of sandwich materials and flat-pack distribution, Luvly’s patented platform will revolutionize urban transportation.
Compared to electric cars, LUVs reduce the energy consumption used in production, shipping, and distribution by up to 80%. A vehicle can be assembled in a few hours, much like boxed furniture.

Luvly offers licenses for B2B access to Luvly’s revolutionary patented technical platform, providing engineers and designers with a development kit for new vehicular solutions. Additionally, core elements of Luvly’s procedural and manufacturing platform will increasingly be made available, with extensive further developments underway."

One platform – countless applications

The Luvly platform lends itself to rapid and cost efficient development of brand new vehicles, as well as new designs on an already developed chassis. The patented technologies provide engineers and designers with a lego-like development kit, with which they can create new solutions for new applications with less effort than ever before.


Flat-pack distribution, much like IKEA furniture, enables shipping in enormous quantities. The flat-pack also enables assembly in micro-factories close to the markets, which saves the transportation of assembled vehicles, reducing both emissions and costs tremendously. Since the construction doesn’t involve heavy parts, welding, or surface treatment, the micro-factories can be small and cheap.

Our factories will have a very small footprint and unparalleled low capital expenditure. Factories will be operational within 3-6 months from investment, enabling rapid deployment worldwide.


The technology enables simple connectors to perform advanced functions, including snap-on assembly. Luvly has patented a solution to build three-dimensional sandwich composite structures from flat panels using a system of connectors. The panels connect to each other and at the same time to all types of standard parts produced by the millions – motors, wheels, seatbelts, body etc, as well as the thin, light, recyclable thermoplastic, body.


The flat sandwich composites, used in Luvly, are light, strong, and stiff. They can be produced from very low-priced materials and still have the desirable characteristics. The key to achieving the lowest cost and the lowest price on the market is by combining bulk, off-the-shelf staple parts with the Luvly patented technology.

Environmentally unbeatable

By offering vehicles that can be made with very little raw materials, that make do with a minimum amount of energy in production as well as in use, the Luvly technology is environmentally unbeatable.

With almost all of the vehicle parts being recyclable and most polluting processes eliminated, CO2 emissions are a fraction of that of an electric car. Also, most of the plastic parts are easily recyclable and can be made from renewable materials. Just a one percent shift from cars to LUVs globally could reduce CO2 emissions by tens of millions of tons annually.

Bang for the bucks

Luvly is competitive throughout the entire chain, from production to distribution and usage. We strive to always offer the most bang for your buck, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Sandwich composites, used in LUVs, can be produced at a very low cost without compromising on quality and sustainability. Shipping flat packs to assembly plants close to the buyer, minimizes distribution costs compared to shipping finished vehicles. A 20' shipping container ships parts for 20 complete LUVs!

The time from idea to finished product can be compared to producing furniture rather than cars, resulting in unprecedented cost-efficiency.

Maximum safety with slow formula racing tech

LUVs are built like formula racing cars, with energy absorbers and a sandwich composite safety shell protecting the passengers.

In case of an accident, passengers must be protected from excessively high accelerations. The material that dissolves the impact energy must be capable of dissipating enough energy. Thanks to our "slow formula racing tech", inexpensive plastic foam blocks are sufficient for maximum safety.